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Remark! Remark! 2012-4-3(Tue):upTeX is merged (will be merged) in TeXLive 2012 and TeXLive packages of Debian are updating in unstable at present. So the contents of this site is obsolete now and packages don't work anymore because new TeXLive packages of Debian change their directory structures. Plese remove the packages from this site and install official Debian packages. The followings are obsolete now.

Traditional Japanese TeX, pTeX, doesn't support unicode and it causes inconvenience in Linux because unicode is coming standard in Linux. upTeX is a modified pTeX which supports unicode, even internally. I first tried to compile it under ptexlive but found it rather difficult so decided to compile it under ptetex3 as the upstream suggested. (2008-1-29(Tue))

How to install upTeX

It is very easy to install upTeX. It will be sufficient to consult TeX/upTeX/Install for example if you understand Japanese.

Briefly, get tetex-src-3.0.tar.gz, tetex-texmf-3.0po.tar.gz from any CTAN site and ptetex3-20080128.tar.gz (version number might be different) from download. These are for ptetex3 in which upTeX will be compiled. So you need to get uptex-0.20.tar.gz and uptex_font-0.19.tar.gz from memo - upTeX

  1. Put all files in some working directory, .e.g ~/work/ptetex
  2. $ gzip -cd ptetex3-20080128.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    $ gzip -cd uptex-0.20.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    $ cd ptetex3-20080128
  3. $ cp ../uptex-0.20/patch/* ./
    $ cp my_option.sample ../my_option
    and edit ../my_option according to your preference. It would be sufficient to change "KANJI_CODE=UTF8", "TMP_PREFIX", "PREFIX" and "SRC_DIR=../.." normally.
  4. Next you should run "make" and then, by root privilege, run "make install".

Debian (unofficial) package of upTeX

I try to build a Debian package of uptex which will co-operate with texlive packages of Debian to reduce its size. Originally, uptex is supposed to be run under teTeX, so this environment (upTeX under TeXLive) could cause troubles but teTeX and TeXLive on a same system looks very redundant and moreover teTeX is obsolete now.

Packages(0.30.100201.090610-0.3): There is NO WARRANTY for the Packages so please use them at your own risk.

AMD64 version
uptex package,
euptex package.


2011-8-3(Wed):(0.30.100201.090610-0.3) Added fmex fonts and updated convbkmk.rb but didn't use uptex-texmf-20110507a yet.

2010-8-10(Tue):(0.30.100201.090610-0.2) Modified control file so now this could be installed on Ubuntu.

2010-4-12(Mon):(0.30.100201.090610-0.1) Updated upTeX 0.30 and also uptex_font this time.

2010-2-1(Mon):(0.29.100201.090610-0.1) Updated upTeX 0.29 and also e-pTeX 100201 this time. I investigated under what environments "make" (under examples directory) runs successfully. I added explanation on this in documents and also changed dependency due to the results. But it is far from complete at present.

2010-1-5(Tue):(0.28.091003.090610-0.1) TeXlive2009 got into sid recently and we encountered many problems around upTeX. We rebuild the packages under TeXLive2009 environment ant they will work fine in sid with TeXLive2009. We removed cont-en because it failed to generate fmt (perhaps due to incomptibility with TeXLive2009?). Also we added version number of ptetex3.

2009-10-4(Sun):(0.28.091003-0.1) Updated to e-pTeX 091003

2009-9-30(Wed):(0.28.090927-0.1) Updated to e-pTeX 090927

2009-8-24(Mon):(0.28.090309-0.1) Updated to uptex 0.28

2009-8-20(Thu):(0.27.090309-0.10) Fixed a problem on kcatcode temporarily.

2009-5-17(Sun):(0.27.090309-0.9) Fixed settings of fonts for xdvi.

2009-4-19(Sun):(0.27.090309-0.8) Refined packaging a bit again.

2009-4-14(Tue):(0.27.090309-0.7) Refined packaging a bit and now stopped to call exterior platex.

2009-4-9(Thu):(0.27.090309-0.6) Fixed a problem on babel. I don't use babel so am not sure how it behaves differently form the previous version but, at least, the size of platex.fmt increased from about 664K to 2.0M on my system.

2009-3-30(Mon):(0.27.090309-0.5) Supported AdobeReader 9.1.0 but it lacked Kozuka Gothic so it might be better to wait for fixed version.

2009-3-25(Wed):(0.27.090309-0.4) Now "make" in examples directory would work fine. Note before installing uptex, please remove dvi2ps-fontdata-ja if installed.

2009-3-17(Tue):(0.27.090309-0.3) Refined dependency a bit more: added extra texlive-* so that sample files in examples can be compiled successfully (but jmpostj seemed to fail yet). Refined package's scripts and symlinks for cmap will be created automatically, without asking a user and reduced messages substantially.
Further, added sample files from e-pTeX because Makefile supported them and also installed files of csplain as babel needed them.

2009-3-14(Sat):(0.27.090309-0.2) Refined dependency a bit: added nkf and cmap-adobe-*. Further, I found a reason why babel support in 0.26.090309-0.3 was insufficient and why it looked language.dat was incompatible with real files.

2009-3-13(Fri):(0.27.090309-0.1) Updated to uptex 0.27 and this version generated FAM256 version automatically. Also babel support in the previous version seemed insufficient so this time make it more carefully. The "japanese.ldf" was installed automatically. Curiously, it looked language.dat was incompatible with real files.

2009-3-11(Wed):(0.26.090309-0.3) Added babel support in uptex and added "japanese.ldf" of UTF-8 for examples. Also we added UTF-8 sample files for eplatex of euptex package.

2009-3-10(Tue):(0.26.090309-0.2) To avoid conflict between uptex 0.26 and e-pTeX 090309, I tried scripts of e-pTeX 090309 and found they worked pretty well so I used them for packaging. As a by-product eptex and eplatex are now FAM256 patched.

2009-3-9(Mon):(0.26.090309-0.1) e-pTeX 090309 with FAM256 patch.

2009-3-5(Thu):(0.26.090223-0.1) e-pTeX 090223 with FAM256 patch. Modified ptetex3-20080616-euptex-0.26.patch to avoid a conflict of a patch. Added modified eptexdoc.tex for euplatex as sample-fam256.tex so please test it.

2009-2-27(Fri):(0.26.090220-0.3) At installation of euptex, after checking version number, a file
/opt/uptex/share/texmf-config/web2c/fmtutil.cnf will be removed automatically.

2009-2-26(Thu):(0.26.090220-0.2) upTeX 0.26 and e-pTeX 090220 with FAM256 patch.
It will display "This is e-upTeX, Version 3.141592-p3.1.10-u0.26-090220 FAM256-PATCHED (utf8.uptex) (Web2C 7.5.4)" at start up.
If generating *.fmt files failed, try removing /opt/uptex/share/texmf-config/web2c/fmtutil.cnf first and then re-install packages. This file will be automatically generated afterwards again.

2009-2-23(Mon):(0.26.090220-0.1, 0.25.090220-0.1) Updated upTeX 0.26 and e-pTeX 090220 but FAM256 patch is not effective so also make upTeX 0.25 and e-pTeX 090220 package with FAM256 patch.

2009-2-19(Thu):(0.25.90218-0.1) Updated e-pTeX 90218.

2009-1-15(Thu):(0.25.90111-0.1) Updated e-pTeX 90111.20 and compilation process is changed rather drastically so I'm not sure if the packages are built correctly. euptex-mpfr is removed in this version.

2008-12-15(Mon):(0.25.80131.xx-0.1) Updated uptex 0.25

2008-10-24(Fri):(0.24.80131.xx-0.2) It is unnecessary to use the option -kanji-internal=uptex for eup(la)tex which was necessary with former versions so fixed documents and comments in sample files.

2008-10-20(Mon):(0.24.80131.xx-0.1) Updated uptex 0.24 and I noticed its size was increased substantially. Also added a package euptex-mpfr which is eptex using MPFR library for floating-point arithmetic.

2008-10-9(Thu):(0.23.80131-0.3) Refined sample.tex and sample-trad.tex and they contained examples of floating-point arithmetic.

2008-10-5(Sun):(0.23.80131-0.2) Included updvi2tty with the help of the upstream author.

2008-9-5(Fri):(0.23.80131-0.1) Updated uptex from 0.21 to 0.23. I failed to compile updvi2tty so it was not included in the package yet.

2008-8-1(Fri):(0.21.80131-0.11) Changed /bin/sh to /bin/bash in postinst because I found a problem with an installation under Ubuntu, where /bin/sh was /bin/dash. Also I added some note and a file on src-special.

2008-7-9(Wed):(0.21.80131-0.10) Refined example files to test euplatex. of euptex package.

2008-7-3(Thu):(0.21.80131-0.9) Added a simple example file to test euplatex and updated README.Debian of euptex package.

2008-6-23(Mon):(0.21.80131-0.8) Did a bit through check with examples.

2008-6-22(Sun):(0.21.80131-0.7) Reduced modifications for packaging as simple as possible.

2008-6-17(Tue):(0.21.80131-0.6) updated ptetex3 20080616. Also I noticed that uplatex found jsarticle.cls under /usr/share/texmf/, which was certainly wrong, so I modified texmf.cnf and now uplatex should find a file in /opt/uptex/share/ even if a file with the same name was in /usr/share/texmf/ also.

2008-6-15(Sun):(0.21.80131-0.5) Refined postinst a bit.

2008-5-28(Wed):(0.21.80131-0.4) updated ptetex3 20080527

2008-5-16(Fri):(0.21.80131-0.3) updated ptetex3 20080514 We need to modify uptex.diff a bit for uptex 0.21

2008-4-12(Sat):(0.21.80131-0.2) updated ptetex3 20080411 We need to modify uptex.diff a bit for uptex 0.21

2008-4-4(Fri):(0.21.80131-0.1) updated uptex 0.21 We need to modify uptex.diff a bit for uptex 0.21

2008-3-7(Fri):(0.20.80131-0.8) Reduced messages at installation.

2008-3-6(Thu):(0.20.80131-0.7) At generating jmpost.mem there was an error so I added texlive-metapost to Depends field.

2008-3-5(Wed):(0.20.80131-0.6) Create Makefile for euptex.

2008-2-12(Tue):(0.20.80131-0.5) Adds /usr/share/texmf for search path, which means packages become suitable for daily use or become much more dangerous ;-) Also we installed alt-rule.pro with this version.

2008-2-10(Sun):(0.20.80131-0.4) generate fmt of ptex, platex, jmpost, upjmpost with postinst of uptex. Compilation failed with flex 2.5.34 so we downgraded it to 2.5.33

2008-2-5(Tue):(0.20.80131-0.3) generate mf.base with postinst of uptex. This will prevent creating ~/.texmf-var/web2c which is a bit inconvenient.

2008-2-3(Sun):(0.20.80131-0.2) ptetex3 20080128 was released so updated the packages. Due to the upstream change for setting up xdvi, modified postinst scripts as well.

2008-2-1(Fri):(0.20.80131-0.1) e-pTeX 80131.21 was released so updated the packages. Fixed typo in prerm and added a bit detailed explanation in README.Debian. Added --kanji-internal=uptex (and -kanji=uptex as before) for eup(la)tex entries in fmtutil.cnf for test. Added tex/latex/cyrillic which might be necessary to do "make" in examples.

About eupTeX

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