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‚q‚h‚l‚r conferenceuAnalytic and Arithmetic Theory of Automorphic Formsv

Organizer : Yoshinori MizunoiTokushima Universityj

Satoshi Wakatsuki (Kanazawa Universityj

This conference is supported by RIMS and by the grant from JSPS as follows:

Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research A-25247001 (Principal Investigator: Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama)
Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research B-16H03919 (Principal Investigator: Hidenori Katsurada)
Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research C-17K05186 (Principal Investigator: Atsushi Murase)

Program (pdf file)
Abstract (pdf file)

Jan. 15 (Mon.)

13:30 -- 14:30 Kenji Makiyama (Kyoto Sangyo University)
A p-adic family of the D-th Saito-Kurokawa lifts for a Coleman family and the Bloch Kato conjecture.

14:45 -- 15:45 Ren-He Su (Kyoto University)
On linear relations between L-values and arithmetic functions.

16:00 -- 17:00 Takao Komatsu (Wuhan University)
Diophantine Frobenius problems from semigroup's series and identities for zeta functions.

Jan. 16 (Tue.)
9:45 -- 10:45 Soumya Das (Indian Institute of Science)
Petersson norms of not necessarily cuspidal Jacobi modular forms and applications.

11:00 -- 12:00 Tomonori Moriyama (Osaka University)
Theta series constructed from invariant harmonic polynomials.

13:30 -- 14:30 Alexandru Ghitza (University of Melbourne)
Differential operators on modular forms, and Galois representations.

14:45 -- 15:45 Hiroki Aoki (Tokyo University of Science)
On mixed weight Hilbert modular forms and their structure theorem.

16:00 -- 17:00 Chia-Fu Yu (Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica)
Reduced unit groups in totally definite quaternion algebras over real quadratic fields.

Jan. 17 (Wed.)

9:20 -- 9:40 On the RIMS workshop next academic year.

9:45 -- 10:45 Isao Ishikawa (RIKEN AIP/Keio University)
On explicit interpolation formulas of twisted triple product p-adic L-functions.

11:00 -- 12:00 Soma Purkait(Tokyo University of Science)
Minus space of half-integral weight.

13:30 -- 14:30 Yumiko Hironaka (Waseda University)
Spherical functions on the space of p-adic quaternion hermitian forms.

14:45 -- 15:45 Jan Bruinier (TU Darmstadt)
Generating series of special divisors on arithmetic ball quotients.

16:00 -- 17:00 Tamotsu Ikeda (Kyoto University), Hidenori Katsurada (Muroran Institute of Technology)
On the Gross-Keating invariant for hermitian forms.

18:00 -- Dinner

Jan. 18 (Thu.)

9:45 -- 10:45 Yosuke Irie (Kyushu University)
Hyperbolic Eisenstein series on n-dimensional hyperbolic spaces.

11:00 -- 12:00 Keiichi Gunji (Chiba Institute of Technology)
On the computation of ramified Siegel series.

13:30 -- 14:30 Hiroaki Narita (Kumamoto University)
Explicit constructions of non-tempered cusp forms on orthogonal groups of low split ranks.

14:45 -- 15:45 Cris Poor (Fordham University)
Computing with paramodular forms.

16:00 -- 17:00 Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama (Osaka University)
Siegel modular forms of middle parahoric subgroups and Ihara lift.

Jan. 19 (Fri.)

9:45 -- 10:45 Siegfried Boecherer (University of Mannheim)
Arithmetic properties of vector-valued Siegel modular forms.

11:00 -- 12:00 Bernhard Heim (German University of Technology (Oman))
Powers of the Dedekind Eta Function and Hurwitz Polynomials.