Infinite Euler Analysis -Invitation to the equation of Z-


Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)

[Leonhard Euler]

[Solar system]

Can you explain this artificial solar system?
Huge figure

A. Preface
1. Euler's life
2. The Beautiful equation
3. Supreme puzzles
4. III log values
5. XII tones
6. VII bridges
7. Zeta Orchestra
8. The final puzzle
9. The annular eclipse
10. New enigma
Z. Postscript

Exceptional primes which appear in K-groups (dedicated to Euler)
34301, 157229
funny interpretation
37+9 (the number of irregular primes up to 233)
34+103 (special index and prime number), 157-229 (a giant void)

Appropriate BGM: J. S. Bach, Partita No.6, I Toccata, BMV830

Reg: 2006, Oct. 24
Title: The First Book
Method: webpage
EP: 101